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on wednesday, Ryan and i went to Ram's Head Live to see Institute. we got there around 6:00 but doors didn't open until 7:30. even when the doors opened there was probably 20 people max waiting for the show. we met a couple while waiting in line - Ian and Lindsey. they were cool and it was fun having another girl to act giddy with. after all, we were going to see Gavin!! so the doors open, and we walk in and get right in the front row. there was nothing between the stage and the crowd so i was literally leaning on the stage.

i had read on the Institute messageboard that they've been doing a "buy the album, meet the band" deal so i was hoping that they would do it at the Baltimore show. Ryan checked at the merch booth and it was true! sure, i already had the album but i bought 2 more so me and Ryan could both get the pink wristband to meet the guys. spending $30 was no problem for me. i would've paid a lot more than that if i knew i would get to meet Gavin. i screamed really loud and jumped around a bunch. i was such a girl.

Big City Rock, the opening band, went on at about 9:00. they were decent so i bought the album... but i haven't listened to it yet cos all i listen to right now is the Institute album. and then 10:00 came and so did INSTITUTE!!!! Gavin was like 5 feet away from me. it was insane. he came even closer sometimes - so close that i had to move my hands so he wouldn't step on them with his white velcro shoes! at one point, he came over and sat down right in front of me. i think i saw angels and heard a heavenly choir. they even played some Bush songs (Everything Zen, Machinehead, and People That We Love) which was awesome. i heard that they sometimes play Glycerine, my favorite Bush song, but no such luck that night. oh well... i can't complain!

they played for a little over an hour and then the four of us waited around until we were told where to go for the meet and greet. we met Gavin first and i told him that i've been a fan for 10 years and how i still remember the first time i heard Glycerine and have been in love ever since. he said, "oh, i'm so sorry i didn't play it for you! i play it a lot." and i was like, "oh, believe me Gavin, it's really ok. tonight has been the best night of my life," and gave him a hug. he told me i was sweet and goes, "what's your name, darling?" oh my, his british accent = love. i told him and he signed my cd booklet and took a picture with me. i look kinda ghosty and so short! but what else is new? and i don't care cos i finally got to meet the man who i've admired for so long; the man who is responsible for my love affair with music. and he was so sweet and easy to talk to. definitely not a disappointment.

then we met Charlie, the drummer, who was really cool. he'd be a blast to hang out with, i bet. Chris, the guitarist, was nice too but we didn't talk to him much cos some crazy girl was pestering him about a demo or something. Cache, the bassist, randomly showed up at the end so we got his autograph as well. he was kinda quiet... then again, he is the bassist. ha! such a great night. that concert kicked my ass!!!! i'll be at their next show for sure. count on it!

check 'em out: www.institutemusic.com

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.In Memory of Andrew Voluck.
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